If you want to the truth,first you have to vanish.

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Often times in our lives and typically at points where we become more mature, we start looking more and more for truth.  We start wanting more out of lives other than the same old hustle and bustle such as work, kids, family, money.  We evaluate our lives and realize a certain emptiness is present.  Perhaps we are tired of going through the same things over and over. Broken relationships, failures, jobs that don’t fulfill us, friendships that don’t feel authentic, covering up our true selves, pretending to be something we may not be, lying, etc.

We start to ask ourselves, what am I here for? What is my purpose? What can I do to be fulfilled? How do I find the truth? It’s amazing how this level of perception doesn’t come until we are more and more mature.

It is in those times that because you seek more, truth can come. You begin to invite truth in your life which also requires the readiness to die to oneself.

Allowing this truth to come to you, requires to you start paying more attention to what goes on daily.


  • The people you encounter on a daily basis – The people we attract in our lives are mirrors for us
  • Nature – Natural things speak to us all of the time
  • Things you may hear on the radio may carry a message for you
  • Seeing an encounter with people around you
  • Overhearing a conversation that may apply to you as well
  • Your children – Children are the closest to the divine. They exude divine order and love until they are tainted by the world (us, their parents, infuencers, tv, video games, the internet, school, etc.) Children often hold the simplest messages of wisdom that we may need to hear and see ourselves.


Often these experiences hold the truth and show you what you are looking for but if we are not paying attention because we may be over-scheduled, overwhelmed, or simply not in tune with ourselves, you can miss it.

My experience has been when I was ready to look for truth, I had to disappear. Remove everything that I thought I knew was correct, everything that I allowed to hold me back in life, all the lessons, all the bad habits, all the limiting beliefs, etc. It had to go and I had to release it so the truth could enter and take over my life. The truth grew and grew within me because I was ready for it.  It was well worth the shedding of the lies and now leads me to a life of unlimited abundance and potential. I hope the same for you.

Are you willing to vanish?


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